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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Mark Twain

Name: GeniGreen  $157,000

Builder: Kennex in France

LOA (ft):38'

Kennex 380 Catamaran 4Sale

Beam (ft):20

Max. Draft (ft):4'

Model Year:1992/2010/2016. Built/Retrofit to Electric/Retrofit and Upgraded

Model Name: Kennex 380

Hull Material: Composite Fiberglass Solid and Core

Hull Type:Keel

Hull Color: White/Green

LWL (ft):38

LOD (ft):38

Bridge Clearance:57 with stainless wip

Designer: Graal Group

Built: 1992

Fuel Tank Capacity (gal): 58 Deisel

Water Tank Capacity (gal): 130 (65x2)

Motor Horsepower (hp): Electric 4.5Kw 6Hp (not relative to engine)

No. of Motors: 2

Motor Mfg. Year: 2010

Motor Manufacturer: Homewood Motors Homewood, PA

Generator Make: 2015 Yanmar Mass Power 7.5Kw

Fuel Type: Diesel

• Sailing the Florida Waters in the Warm Winter

• Extreme Wifi Capabilities

• Three Cabins with Full Size Custom Mattresses

• 1 TV's Inside with Steaming Capabilities

• Deisel Hybrid Electric Sailboat "Green Theme"

• Potential Scuba Diving

• Compost Toilet Promoting "Green Theme"

• Grean Crusing Sailing Catamaran

ª Filter System For Pure Water in any Condition

• Full Shower inside/outside with hose nosel

• Multiple Kid Friendly Amenities

• Multiple Projects Through

Specifications Information

When people consider selling their “Pride and Joy” and the many memories the future caretaker is a valuable seeker.  I enjoy when people discuss owning a boat and someday retiring or traveling the world or possibly light sailing then just floating at anchor in paradise. Everyone’s paradise is different.  Some consider a marina with many amenities their paradise while others enjoy the anchor settled and set and no one around except the underwater sea life.

GeniGreen, as it is named on the boat and Documentation, has great bones.  It has and I have sailed it 1,000’s of Natical Miles in the Carribean first, then to Mobile, then through the Gulf of Mexico, to Cuba, and through the Bahamas settling in Marathon for 10+ years, then up where it rests in the Northern Neck of Virginia just a few hours sail from the Chesapeake Bay.  

For the Voyager and the person who would like to fix her up, learn to sail her, enjoy some of the great amenities of the Dock and local Yacht club that could either be temporary or where it spends time and then sails away.

GeniGreen is a Diesel Electric Sailing Catamaran with some fascinating upgrades  and work that needs to be done in order to make it “Your Dream Come True” if you think you are qualified to be considered for ownership then consider Looking at all the you tube videos

The website Not used as much

The website explanation of the original Electric Sailboat

And if you are still more than a “Tire Kicker” here is my offer.  

The boat is in a location that will only be shared when a person is serious and here is how that is proved by an investment in your interest.  Yes Key word stator in subject line of an email to me can prove you have read and understand this weeding out. Read further as there is a second keyword.  I will make the effort to answer questions if I know you have done the research, I will make an effort to have hands on showing with a non refundable for any reason $2375. This will cover flight drive and stay for two days plus a reason to come and your interest.  The fee will be non refundable as I said.  Also I will not sea trial until a loan or cash is escrowed and fully approved proof of viable insurance available.  Engine is winterized and will not be available until sea trial.  

Electric Motors demonstration, at dock is available, Sails, and full tour.  Plus two dock boxes and lots of possible extras that would probably be just handed over. It Needs work, upgrades, so if you are pinching pennies rotor you way away.  Was purchased for $120,000 then about $175,000 put into it and last survey was around $150,000. Insurable, Sailable, Livable at dock or sail away as with some work it could even be a world ARC boat. If you do not understand sailboats then consider a newer boat but if you want to see true regeneration at work you will love this cruiser.

People who know Electric more know that there are stators and ????? Fill in blank and put into subject line the word is in this copy.

I will add to this that there may be some financing available, once the deposit is made we can discuss.  If more than one person makes a deposit it will be time stamped and right of first refusal will be in play.

I will begin at the bow with:

2010 Full Retrofit: Replaced two sail drives with stuffing boxes straight shafts, 17/14 wheel props, and 2 Homewood permanent magnet motors 40,000 hour bearings 4.5Kw. Installed by the famous Dave Tether who started Electric Propulsion in pleasure water craft. See white boards in YouTube channel. Cushions and Appolistry, bathroom sink. Water lines replaced throughout. DC electrical panel, Electronic Helm controls.

Make Sure you look at all You tube videos from original install and know that in 2016 many additions and changes for improvement were made.

2015 Main Sail replaced with higher performance and full upgrades with special zipping sail bag and many lines and sheets including main halyard.  Rocna Galvanized Anchor (tried many this is the best), Also Natures Head compost toilet removing all need for pump outs (real nice system).

2016 New Striker, Roller Furling Boom, 7.5Kw Masspower Yanmar AC 240V Deisel generator, New designed chain plates, all rigging verified, tricolor mast lights stainless whip antenna, New inverter 240V to 110 3,000W, 12 Group 31 Trojan Batteries 105 ampH Lead (they work very well are overdrive but could also be replaced with lithium but has worked well for years, 12Volt system is either a Victron cross charger 144Vdc to 12 DC to two deep cycle batters can be increased to larger size and lithium , 2 each 240V DC chargers for full system, air conditioner system 144V  DC with 5 air handling units. New bilge pumps throughout. Removed solar and my hardtop has plenty of space for more advanced solar.

Full kitchen sink and drains., stove removed and new induction cooktop and microwave.

Needs: Full Cleaning, some fiberglass work.

I sealed the hatches at steps but did not complete the inside sealing they leaked and had re-bedding issues.  Needs to be finished inside.

All new Navionics  and will consider helping in certain agreements.  I have used IPad for a few years but a new system is needed approximate $5,000 worth for new “state of art”  that would include; wind, depth, navigation instruments etc. So in addition auto pilot was removed but could be upgraded as some elements are still in place.  I have sailed GeniGreen without auto pilot since purchase and love her ability to track.  

Water Tanks are two 65 gal, system works fair for showering, cooking etc.  No Watermaker and fill works well. Deisel tank is 58 gallons I have a fuel polisher installed will need filer change and probably polishing as it has splayed dormant but fill and system works well with low hours Deisel Genset. Keep in mind regeneration comes from the rotation of propels in water column. Once under sail and over 3.5 knots across water, the electronic throttles can be adjusted to spin and drag very little, then the motors become large DC pulse charges.  With across water 5 knots or greater plan on battery pack feeling a great charge. When cruising with good wind, as my boat runs about 40% to wind, with moderate sails you will experience the need for the genset is mainly at anchor for coffee or under a no wind environments.  This new main sail is amazing and can really power on long trips and trimming could get even better results.

I would also disclose I had a new rudder made and installed in Andros island Bahamas. Love it better than original Equiptment but the port and starboard look different never changed a new set was around $3-4,000 and the one’s on it work perfectly.  you will also notice in pictures that I have a great dive tank system and tank lifter for divers.  Make sure you look at the videos and pictures as you will feel the blessings of GeniGreen to many hearts.  But I must lighten my load.  It’s presently insured will need to survey potentially this fall but want someone to carry the torch and make this boat their either new home or a great time away from home sailing.

Text Me 305.619.0201 do not call as I will not answer.  Read and know that I will not answer questions repeatedly.  Read, watch video, discover then pay up if you are interested we can go from there. Do not ask for exceptions as selling this is hard enough without thinking I might be compromising but once deposit is made and cleared and can be Venmo, Zelle, cash app, or PayPal then we can discuss options. Deposit does not be its yours only that we can discuss however if you want to know about options to buy, or even build or retrofit your own you will get valuable information through the process.